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Upcoming Toontrack release: EZkeys 2

Successor to popular virtual piano announced

Toontrack EZkeys 2 virtual piano instrument plug-in Bandmate MIDI parts Grid Editor

Toontrack have announced the upcoming release of EZkeys 2. Building on the success of their popular virtual piano software, this latest version features a completely new sampled piano and introduces a range of powerful features that promise to make it a go-to songwriting instrument.

Instrument, Room & Mics

The core library instrument featured in EZkeys 2 is a Fazioli F212, a medium-sized grand that is said to produce a slightly softer timbre than larger concert grands, and offers a balanced and responsive tone that make it an ideal songwriting and recording instrument. The instrument has been captured in Riksmixningsverket (RMV Studio) in Stockholm, Sweden, with users able to adjust their own mix from a total of five microphone positions.

A Hammers signal is provided by a stereo pair of Thuresson CM402s positioned directly above the instrument’s hammer mechanism, whilst two Royer R-121 ribbons placed above the strings offer a close sound with a less pronounced attack. A pair of DeGeer Manibus large-diaphragm valve microphones, a model renowned for their transparency, then offer a Piano Player signal captured from the perspective of the pianist.

Room Ambience and Window Reflection Ambience signals then complete the line-up, with the former provided by an AKG C24 placed to the side of the piano, and the latter captured by a pair of Neumann KM84s facing the control room window in order to pick up the sound reflecting from the glass surface.

New Features

A new Bandmate feature derived from EZDrummer 3 allows the instrument to generate piano parts based on user-imported audio or MIDI material. Dragging and dropping a file into the interface when using the feature will result in EZkeys creating a selection of suggested parts, which can be auditioned and exported directly from within the plug-in.

A Suggest Chords feature has been added, and will recommend chord progressions based on player input or MIDI files, and the company have also introduced their popular Tap2Find function, which will recommend parts based on a rhythm or notes played with a MIDI controller, or tapped in with the mouse using a button within the GUI.

A new Grid Editor window provides a piano roll-style view, enabling users to create and edit their piano parts directly within the plug-in itself if required, rather than switching back and forth to their DAW’s instrument or MIDI track. The editor also integrates with a number of other functions in the plug-in: browsing and auditioning scales from within the Songwriting Scales window will cause all of the relevant notes in the Grid Editor to be highlighted, for example.

An all-new MIDI library adds more than 800 MIDI parts to the original instrument’s collection, with the total count standing at over 1350 files. All of the parts have been played by a professional pianist, and cover a wide range of styles and genres, and are categorised by genre, time signature and song part for easy searching.


In May 2023, Toontrack will be converting all of the EZkeys titles to a new EKX expansion format. All of the sounds from the original release will be compatible with EZkeys 2, and the new format will also continue to work with the legacy version of the software, allowing users to carry on working with their sounds or purchasing new expansions, and leaving them free to upgrade to the latest instrument at their convenience.


EZkeys 2 is supported on PCs running Windows 7 and higher, and Macs running macOS 10.10 and above. VST3, AU and AAX plug-in versions are available. The download size is 4GB, and 5GB of disk space is required for the installed content.

Pricing & Availability

EZkeys 2 will be released on 16 May 2023, priced at €179. Existing EZkeys users will be able to upgrade for €99, or pre-order their upgrade before the release date for a cost of €79. Users who purchase a licence for the original version between now and the release of EZkeys 2 will also be provided with an upgrade to the new version.

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