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Michael Ilbert Signature EZX from Toontrack

EZ/Superior Drummer expansions captured at Sunset Sound

Toontrack Michael Ilbert Signature EZX EZDrummer Superior Drummer expansion Sunset Sound Studios virtual instrument

Toontrack have announced the release of two new EZX expansions for EZDrummer 3 and Superior Drummer 3, both created in a collaboration with Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer Michael Ilbert. Recorded in two separate rooms at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, Michael Ilbert Signature EZX Part 1 & 2 offer a total of seven new drum kits, along with a collection of MIDI grooves and fills that cover musical styles ranging from soft pop to hard rock.

Part 1

Aiming to cover genres from hard-hitting rock to alternative, indie and mainstream pop, the first title has been captured in the legendary facility’s Studio 2, a room which has hosted recording sessions for the likes of Led Zeppelin, Rage Against The Machine and the Doors. Three kits are included, each of which were curated, tuned and prepared for the sessions by Ross Garfield of Drum Doctors.

The kits captured include a Ludwig Classic, a Slingerland Radio King and a Ludwig Stainless Steel, and the pack offers users a choice of nine different kick configurations, nine snare configurations and two full cymbals sets. All of the kits were played using sticks, and the Stainless Steel kit has also been recorded with mallets.

Part 2

The second title has been captured in Studio 3, and contains a total of four rare and unique kits once again prepared by Ross Garfield. Three of the kits were sampled in the studio’s main live room, whilst the forth was placed in the room’s isolation booth in order to offer a tighter, contrasting room tone. Additionally, Part 2 also includes an extensive percussion library, packed with instruments such as tambourines, castagnets, maracas, shakers, claves, claps and more.

The kits include a George Way Aristocrat, a Camco Oaklawn, a custom Leedy/Ludwig and a custom Ludwig/Pearl Classic/Custom. All of the kits have again been played with sticks, whilst the Leedy/Ludwig offers a rods option, and the Ludwig/Pearl was also played with brushes.

MIDI & Presets

Each of the releases come loaded with a collection of MIDI Grooves and fills, and include bespoke sections intended for use with the mallets and percussion elements of the packs. There are also a number of mix presets engineered by Michael Ilbert that offer ready-made drum sounds for a range of musical genres right out of the box.

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Michael Ilbert Signature EZX Part 1 & 2 require Toontrack’s EZDrummer 3.0.6 or above, or Superior Drummer 3.3.6 or higher.

Pricing & Availability

Michael Ilbert Signature EZX Part 1 & 2 are available now, priced at €89 each. They can also be purchased as part of bundle, more information and pricing details can be found on the Toontrack website.

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