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Utility Devices launches Clock

Multi-purpose MIDI/USB-MIDI/CV clock converter

Utility Devices Clock

Utility Devices has launched Clock — a multi-purpose MIDI/USB-MIDI/CV clock converter for synchronising computers and sequencers as well as vintage audio, Modular and Eurorack equipment.

Clock supports MIDI DIN, MIDI over USB and CV inputs and produces a CV clock/gate signal on four output jacks. Utility Devices Clock is compatible with synthesisers, drum machines and sequencers that synchronise to a +5V or +3.3V clock/gate signal and any devices that provide a MIDI clock including all major Digital Audio Workstations including Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools and Cubase.

The Clock can be divided or multiplied by anything from whole notes to 1/8th notes including triplet patterns, and can even be inverted for off-beat patterns. Each of the Clock’s two subdivision rotary controls are assigned to 1⁄4” jack and 1⁄8” mini-jacks outputs at +3.3V and +5V respectively, enabling up to four devices to be connected directly to the Clock.

MIDI DIN and MIDI over USB modes provide exceptionally low latency and MIDI over USB implementation is fully “plug and play” with no installation of drivers or additional software required.

The LCD display gives the user full visibility of settings including clock subdivision and inversion, input mode and BPM. The Control Voltage clock input allows the user to synchronise the Clock to modular/eurorack environments that provide a +5V clock signal. Clock division and multiplication of CV clock input is possible, making the Clock a truly versatile synchronisation tool. Inversion options are not available in CV mode.

UK Street Price: £150

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