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Rockruepel unveiled

Sidechain filtering made easy!


Boutique Düsseldorf-based outboard makers Rockruepel have collaborated with prestigious recording company Studio DMI and pro-audio distributors MasteringWorks to create an unusual new dynamics processor, called the

In many ways it's an ordinary compressor — it features all the usual threshold, attack, release and make-up gain knobs, plus three ratio options (2:1, 4:1 and 10:1). But it is distinguished by a pair of horizontal faders on the left of the front panel: these control a low-pass and a high-pass filter, allowing you to tune the compressor's detection signal so that it only acts on a specific frequency band. You can even 'solo' the key signal to help you precisely set the filters.

Its makers tout the as a versatile device, and say their implementation of key-signal filtering makes it suitable for a range of roles including de-essing, mastering, mix-bus pumping and sound design. What's more, you can link two together for L-R or M-S stereo operation.

Rockruepel's is due to go on sale from 15th September, and is priced at €1649 for a single mono unit or €3199 for a stereo pair.

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