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Sessionwire 2.0 released

Remote collaboration tool updated

Sessionwire 2.0

Remote collaboration platform Sessionwire has just been updated to version 2.0. The update incorporates a flexible new set of subscription options, which includes a full year subscription, a pay-as-you-go monthly payment plan, per-project payment, and a new free trial option.

Sessionwire works using peer-to-peer networking to minimise latency between participants. It's based around a standalone application, which provides bidirectional audio and video feeds (which Sessionwire claim “far surpasses” Zoom and Skype for quality), and this is augmented with a multi-format and multi-platform plug-in that allows you to pipe audio streams from remote musicians directly into your DAW. Also included is Sessionview, a browser-based service that allows anyone to participate who you send an invitation to, via live high-quality audio and video streaming. An auto-muting Talkback feature is also available, and can be engaged in either the standalone app or from within your DAW via the Sessionwire plug-in.

As well as the real-time tools, Sessionwire aims to offer a complete solution to all the problems of working remotely. You can set up a public, personalised profile, so that other users can find you and engage your services (and vice versa) using a tag-based search system. An encrypted, drag-and-drop file transfer system is also included, as is hi-res screen sharing for remote session assistance, and we understand that a real-time, persistent text chat service is also in the pipeline.

For more info, including details about the pricing plans, visit the Sessionwire website. And for a brief overview of how it works, check out the video below.

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