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Vector gains MPE capabilities

Firmware update now available

Vector hybrid synthesizer hardware digital synth MPE MIDI polyphonic expression aftertouch

Vectorsynth have announced a firmware update for their innovative Vector instrument. The long-awaited v2.8 update equips the synthesizer with a range of new features which will allow it to respond to MPE-capable controllers, as well as introducing a new Routing Table.

Users can now enable MPE in the MIDI Configuration section of Vector’s Global settings menu, allowing compatible controllers to be assigned to polyphonic parameters using the instrument’s channel rotation scheme. A newly implemented Routing Table facilitates the mapping of incoming data to the Vector’s parameters, also providing a way to correctly configure controllers that do not adhere to the MPE standard.

Controllers are placed on the left of the Routing Table, with destination parameters to the right, and each route can have its own individually defined translation function for situations where 1:1 mapping is able to achieve the desired level of expression control. A single source can be routed to multiple parameters, each with different scaling options, and the routing configuration is saved along with each preset.

There is also a Routing Lock button, which allows users to load or save a new preset without modifying the current routing, allowing new sounds to be loaded with the instrument retaining its current routing configuration, or patches to be updated whilst their original routing settings are preserved.

Pricing & Availability

The update is available to download for current owners now. For those wishing to purchase a Vector, they are now shipping within a few days of being ordered, and are priced at €940.

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