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Vermona announce MEX3 expander for meloDICER

Eurorack sequencer gains MIDI I/O

Vermona MEX3 meloDICER MIDI expansion Eurorack module

Vermona’s latest Eurorack module serves as an extender for their innovative meloDICER sequencer, taking its CV signals and converting them to MIDI that can be routed to a DAW or other hardware devices. What’s more, MEX3 also brings three-voice polyphony to the table, meaning that meloDICER’s sequences are no longer limited to a single voice.

Pairing an MEX3 module with meloDICER considerably extends the sequencer’s feature set. Thanks to the addition of MIDI In, Out and Thru jacks, sequences with up to three voices can be routed to other MIDI-capable software and hardware instruments, as well as being recorded to a DAW’s MIDI track for further editing. All of meloDICER’s physical controls can also send and receive CC messages, making it possible to record and recall parameter changes using a DAW, or take control of the module’s switches, knobs and faders from another MIDI device (or vice versa).

The MEX3 also allows meloDICER’s internal clock to be synchronised to MIDI Clock, and there’s support for shuffled clock signals (such as those produced by Floatingpoint Instruments’ MULTICLOCK unit). MIDI Start, Stop and Continue commands are recognised, too, allowing the module to be controlled from a DAW or master sequencer’s transport controls.

Pricing & Availability

The MEX3 is available now, priced at €179.

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