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Video: Cenzo Townshend - Decoy Studios & The Maccabees

Mix engineer Cenzo Townshend talks mix technique and show us his studio

Over the last few months, we've checked out world-class studios and talked to high-profile music industry pros, such as Paul Epworth, Jake Jackson, JR Rotem and more. The latest instalment in our video features series takes us to the picturesque Suffolk countryside to meet mix engineer Cenzo Townshend in his new facility, Decoy Studios.

Cenzo’s undeniably British sound has graced the airwaves countless times, with credits ranging from Kaiser Chiefs to Tom Jones, via Florence + The Machine and U2.

Over the course of this month’s video feature, Cenzo and his team give us a brief tour of the complex, taking in the two mix rooms, the striking live room and an unusually welcoming vocal booth. 

Cenzo also talks technique and shows us his mix of The Maccabees single 'Marks To Prove It'. We discuss the process of re-amping guitars and bass, judicious use of EQ when separating guitars, and the importance of phase when it comes to mixing drums and bass.

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