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Wave Alchemy reveal Glow

AMS RMX16-inspired plug-in

Wave Alchemy Glow AMS RMX16 digital reverb emulation plug-in

The latest effects plug-in from Wave Alchemy aims to recreate the sound of one of the world’s most sought-after digital reverb units, the iconic AMS RMX16. Glow has been designed to emulate the distinctive sound of the original hardware, and also includes some modulation and dynamics features that offer a more modern take on the classic effect.

A total of 14 reverbs are included, and range from halls, plates, and rooms, to more unusual and abstract algorithms such as reverse sounds and atmospheric effects. Wave Alchemy say that they spent months modelling and analysing an original unit during the development of Glow, continually adjusting the plug-in until the sounds were indistinguishable between the two.

The central section of the GUI houses a Delay parameter along with Low and Air controls — a pair of low- and high-frequency EQ controls that offer some tonal control over the processed signal and allow users to craft everything from dark, bass-heavy reverbs, through to bright and vibrant sounds. The new modulation functionality is provided by a Flux parameter, a single control which Wave Alchemy say is capable of introducing everything from subtle 3D spatialisation and diffusion through to deep chorusing effects.

Other newly introduced features include a Modern switch, which the company say delivers tighter bass and an enhanced stereo image that helps the reverb to stand out in a busy mix, and a phase-coherent Mono mode. A Smooth parameter suppresses transients and focuses the reverb processing on the body and sustain of a sound without affecting the dry signal, whilst a Duck control introduces some automatic level control over the processed signal to prevent more extreme reverb sounds from overpowering the dry signal.


Glow is supported on Mac and Windows platforms, and is available in VST3, AU, and AAX plug-in formats.

Pricing & Availability

Glow is available now, and is currently (30 January 2023) being offered for an introductory price of £44, reduced from its full cost of £59 (prices include VAT).

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