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4MS Ensemble Oscillator

Eurorack Module By Stephan Whitlan
Published November 2020

It’s tempting to think an ensemble oscillator might be an ordinary VCO with a DDL ensemble effect strapped across its output. This is emphatically not the case! It is in fact 16 sine wave VCOs in one module, each voice of which will play different (related) programmed notes/harmonics in arrays that you can select, tweak and voltage control. 4MS have set out to explore the sonic boundary between a rich timbre and a musically harmonic chord, to some degree dissembling the notion of additive synthesis. In simple terms: holding a single note down on a tonewheel (or indeed pipe) organ and moving the drawbars (stops) in and out will essentially give you new waveforms. How much more interesting could that get when you can choose different pitch intervals between each drawbar (and have 16)?

4ms Ensemble Oscillator eurorack module.4ms Ensemble Oscillator: 16HP, +12V 114mA, ‑12V 45mA.The 4MS folk have a solid history of asking questions and finding unique solutions, and so it is here. They have teamed up with a Parisian computer genius, Mattias Puech, to help realise this module, and you will recognise his name and unique twists if you have a 4MS Tapographic Delay, or the ‘alternative’ operating systems for XAOC’s Batumi quad LFO or Mutable Instrument’s omnipresent Clouds.

The idea of fattening up a single VCO is not a new idea. Even way back in the early 1970s, Roland’s SH‑3A offered an 8’ chorus to mix in with the...

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Published November 2020