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Digital Performer: Bounce To Disk Options

MOTU Digital Performer Tips & Techniques By Mike Levine
Published February 2021

Starting with version 10.1, MOTU added significant new functionality to DP’s Bounce‑to‑Disk window.Starting with version 10.1, MOTU added significant new functionality to DP’s Bounce‑to‑Disk window.

In DP 10.1, MOTU significantly expanded Bounce To Disk with the addition of real‑time, multi‑output, and track‑by‑track bouncing.

Digital Performer has always had a robust Bounce To Disk (BTD) implementation, but starting in DP 10.1, MOTU significantly expanded it. Most notable is the addition of real‑time, multi‑output and track‑by‑track bouncing. Users now have a lot more options for exporting mixes, tracks and stems out of your projects.

Perhaps the most important feature in the new BTD window is the ability to bounce out individual tracks as separate files. It opens up lots of possibilities. For example, you could use it to create a complete set of tracks from your session to send to a collaborator on a project who’s on a different platform.

Another way to use it is to render all the tracks at their mix levels and panning, plus their insert effects, when you’re archiving a project. That would allow you to recreate your mix in the future without needing access to the original plug‑ins.

As in previous versions of DP, you can set BTD to import the files it renders into your session, either as new tracks or only in the Soundbites window. As an alternative to freezing tracks, you can render them with effects and send them back into the Sequence window of the project. You can bounce your MIDI instrument tracks to audio, and DP can even include an external instrument, connected via Audio Patch Thru, in a bounce.

Boom Selection

As with previous BTD implementations, you first must select, in the Sequence editor or Tracks window, the content you want to bounce. Generally, you’d...

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Published February 2021

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