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Cubase: Creating Risers & Impacts | Audio Examples

Hear For Yourself By John Walden
Published February 2021

These audio files accompany my Cubase: Risers And Impacts workshop article in Sound On Sound February 2021 issue (see

Audio Example 01

The raw sounds used to create the riser sound effect explained in the main article. Each of the original sounds has been reversed.

Audio Example 02

The raw sounds used to create the impacts sound effect described in the main article.

Audio Example 03

The final blended versions of both the riser and impact sounds. These sounds were then each placed within a Sample Track for triggering.

Audio Example 04

Various combinations of the riser and impact sound effects triggered via two Sample Tracks and with reverb, delay and distortion effects applied. By combining use of different note pitches and MIDI velocities, adjusting the timing and automating the Sample Track’s filter, variations can be created in the intensity and character of the riser/impact combination.

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