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Cubase 11: Pulse & Ticker | Audio Examples

Hear For Yourself By John Walden
Published June 2021

These audio examples accompany the main Cubase workshop article, which is available to read here:

Cubase 11 Pulse & Ticker | Audio Example 01

This audio example is split into two parts. In the first part you can hear the original slices of the drum loop for the kick sound, hi-hat sound and splashy cymbal sound, each played four times.

In the second part, you can hear each of the sounds after it has been manipulated within the Sampler Track to create a pulse, ticker and short woosh riser. Some low/high cut EQ and a little global reverb and delay have also been applied.

Cubase 11 Pulse & Ticker | Audio Example 02

This audio example is also split into two parts. The first part contains a few bars of a very simple rhythmic loop created using just the three sounds.

The second part places these sounds into a short ‘tension’ style cue alongside a couple of soundscape pad sounds (taken from Dom Siglas’ excellent Apollo expansion pack for Padshop 2) and also using the ‘hit’ and ‘riser’ sounds from the SOS February 2021 Cubase workshop.

While the cue is unlikely to win any awards for compositional originality (!), hopefully, it does illustrate how these types of sounds might be used in a musical context.

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