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Gareth Jones - Producer Engineer | Podcast

Gareth Jones - Producer EngineerGareth Jones - Producer Engineer

In the first part of the brand new Kevin Paul MixBus Series, Kevin chats to producer engineer Gareth Jones about his impressive career at Mute Records and Hansa Studios in Berlin, working with bands such as Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Erasure and Goldfrapp.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction
01:16 - The Studio
02:14 - Getting Started As A Mix Engineer
05:19 - Innovative Recording Techniques
08:01 - Keeping Clients Happy
10:24 - Mute Records and Depeche Mode
16:12 - Recording Andy Bell
18:01 - Mixing In The Box
23:13 - Current Analogue Kit
24:20 - Recording The Leisure Society
25:59 - Working With Rough Mixes
27:50 - Listening To Music And Working In 96kHz
32:34 - Music Industry Education
38:00 - Workflow
41:18 - Favourite Studio Gear
42:36 - Things To Avoid

Gareth Jones - Biog

British Music Producer, Mixer and Engineer Gareth Jones has been a pioneer in the use of digital equipment, combining digital tools with analogue recording techniques and synths since the 80’s. Jones has produced five albums for electro-pop pioneers Depeche Mode and six albums for synth-pop superstars Erasure as well as multiple titles for Wire, Einsturzende Neubauten, Diamanda Galás and more.

Trained at the BBC, Jones launched his career during the New Wave era, mixing early singles for Madness and John Foxx. Moving to Berlin in 1983, he worked at the legendary Hansa Studios for 10 years recording and mixing Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Wim Wenders soundtracks and more. More recently Jones has remixed tracks for Erasure and Goldfrapp among others.

His production room is now located at Strongroom Studio in London. A Logic Pro guru, Modular Synth geek, Ableton Live enthusiast, and a JAMES assessor, Jones was a frequent lecturer for the Red Bull Music Academy and has appeared at Moog Fest. His own musical projects include ElectroGenetic, Nous Alpha, Spiritual Friendship, Sunroof and QUINQUIS

Interviewer: Kevin Paul - Biog

Kevin Paul started his career as a DJ but quickly found his passion was sound engineering. His first audio job was at Soho Studios in 1991, moving to Konk Studios six months later, where he worked alongside successful producers and engineers such as Bob Clearmountain, Adam Mosley, Pascal Gabriel and Gil Norton, as well as bands such as The Kinks, Galliano, Terrorvision, UFO and Elastica.

After working on archiving the Depeche Mode back catalogue in 1994, he was offered an engineering role at Mute Records’ in-house studio, which eventually lead to a position as Head Engineer, which gave him access to the entire Mute Records roster. Highlights include mixing Goldfrapp’s 'Felt Mountain', David Bowie’s 'Hours' and Nick Cave’s 'No More Shall We Part'. He also worked in 5:1, mixing Moby’s 'Hotel', Goldfrapp’s 'Black Cherry' and more for DVD. 

Kevin Paul MixBusIn 2004 Kevin went freelance and re-mixed the entire Depeche Mode and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds back catalogues for SACD/DVD. Since 2008, Kevin Paul has been in charge of mixing and remixing performances at the iTunes Festivals in the UK and Germany. He has mixed over 100 artists to date, including Adele, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The XX, Calvin Harris, Foo Fighters, Jack White, Linkin Park, Florence & The Machine, Deadmau5, David Guetta, Jessie J., Norah Jones, Oasis, Mumford & Sons, N.E.R.D., Lykke Li, James Blunt, KT Tunstall, Hot Chip, Paul Weller and many more.

He continues to record, engineer, produce and mix many projects in music and film, runs the mixing and surround mixing modules for the Masters Degree course at UK’s Westminster University and divides his time between London and Berlin. Recent works include the International selling new album by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and mixing the latest album of Denmark’s 'Dúné' with the first single premiering at the Danish Music Awards, plus the latest iTunes Music Festival.

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