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Matt Johnson - Jamiroquai | Podcast

Jazz Funk keyboard player By Rob Puricelli
Published April 2022
Matt Johnson - Jamiroquai

Matt Johnson has emerged as one of the most talented and prolific keyboard players of the last 20 years, mostly as part of the legendary Jamiroquai, in which he both writes and performs, and more recently as a YouTube channel host where he demonstrates his love of both modern and vintage synths.

Show Notes


00:00 - Introduction00:37 - How did you get your first big break?
02:34 - Was joining Jamiroquai daunting?
03:20 - What was your keyboard rig in those early days?
04:11 - Are workstations an important part of your rig?
04:55 - How did you get to write with Jay Kay?
07:27 - What are you up to outside of Jamiroquai?
08:41 - What’s your rig in 2022?
11:23 - Dream gigs
12:58 - The YouTube explosion
18:20 - What new synths have stood out to you in recent years?
24:06 - What would you like to see happen in synthesizer technology next?
27:24 - Matt’s home studio
31:48 - Sound design

Matt Johnson - Biog 

For the last 20 years Matt has been the keyboard player for Jamiroquai, co-writing most of the band's output during that time and co- producing the last album ‘Automaton’.

In between working with the band he has recorded as a session player with numerous artists in many genres including Duffy, Ashanti, J.P.Cooper, Jax Jones, S.G.Lewis, Purple Disco Machine, Newton Faulkner, Nolwenn Leroy, Will Young and many more.

Now Matt has released his debut solo record ‘With The Music’ under the Splash Blue label, with a retro Jazz Funk feel.

Interviewer: Rob Puricelli - Biog

Rob Puricelli.Rob Puricelli is a Music Technologist and Instructional Designer who has a healthy obsession with classic synthesizers and their history. In conjunction with former Fairlight Studio Manager Peter Wielk, he fixes and restores Fairlight CMIs so that they can enjoy prolonged and productive lives with new owners. He also writes reviews and articles for his website,, and other music-related publications, as well as hosting a weekly livestream on YouTube for the Pro Synth Network and guesting on numerous music technology podcasts and shows. Rob also works alongside a number of manufacturers, demonstrating their products and lecturing about music technology at various educational and vocational establishments.

Twitter: @failedmuso
Instagram: @failedmuso

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