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Will Gregory: My Favourite Synthesizers

Published July 2022

Composer, producer and one half of Goldfrapp, Will Gregory has an amazing collection of modern and vintage synthesizers, including the ultra-rare Korg PS-3300 polysynth. In our latest video feature, Will opens up about the instruments that mean the most to him — and shows us how great they can sound in the right hands. Did you know you could play a Minimoog using a Yamaha WX7 Wind Controller?

00:00 - Start
00:16 - Intro with Will Gregory
02:20 - Roland Jupiter-4
06:40 - Composition and Production Process 
08:05 - Minimoog with Yamaha WX7 Wind Controller
13:52 - Improvising with Hard Disk Recording
15:48 - Electronic Dream Plant Wasp
18:48 - Korg PS-3300 Polysynth
24:54 - Unexpected Results
27:05 - Moog Polymoog
32:05 - Outro

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Moog Ensemble -

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