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    AC/DC Hell's Bell

    The story behind AC/DC's Hell's Bell

    Addressing the rumours and speculation!

    Mike Milsom was the Bellmaster tasked with casting, tuning and striking the iconic bell that featured on AC/DC's legendary album and live shows.

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    Setmixer free live multitrack recording streaming venue artist

    Setmixer: Live multitrack recording service

    Four albums released to showcase artists & venues

    Setmixer have announced the release of four albums that feature performances captured at iconic London venues by their innovative automated recording and mixing system

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    DJ, Artist and Producer NikNak

    NikNak - Turntablism | Podcast

    Turntables In Electronic Music Performance

    DJ, Artist and Producer NikNak chats about her route into immersive performances and turntablism.

    People Nov 2023
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    Scanner Concert

    Upcoming Scanner Concert

    Friday 13 October 2023 - York, UK

    British electronic music artist Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) will be performing live at the University of York’s Rymer Auditorium on Friday 13 October 2023.

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    MODCAF Test Chamber Live UK electronic experimental music live performance event workshop wind tunnel

    MODCAF Test Chamber project

    Upcoming performance in historic wind tunnel

    Electronic music community MODCAF's latest project centres around a series of recordings and performances in a disused wind tunnel.

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    Spatial Audio For Live Performance

    In The Round

    Immersive audio is a powerful way of presenting live music — and it’s becoming more and more accessible to independent artists.

    Techniques Sep 2023
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    Everyone's A Singer community workshops wellbeing vocal training

    Everyone’s A Singer workshops & events

    Promoting wellbeing through singing & music making

    Everyone’s A Singer is an organisation that was established with the goal of promoting the benefits that singing and songwriting can have on a person’s wellbeing.

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    Graham Massey 808 State on stage

    Graham Massey - 808 State | Podcast

    Electronic Improvisation

    Graham Massey talks about his early days with the formation of 808 State and improvising with electronic instruments, through to current collaborations and favourite creative tools.

    People Mar 2023
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    Robert Henke

    Robert Henke - Visual Music Artist | Podcast

    Co-founder of Ableton

    Robert Henke, electronic visual music artist, software developer and co-founder of Ableton discusses the artist/engineer overlap and how software needs to be accessible to encourage and not hinder the creative process.

    People Dec 2022
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    Sennheiser Neumann immersive virtual reality orchestra recording KM 184 MKH 8040 800 MCM

    Sennheiser and Neumann immersive recording project

    Virtual reality orchestral recording

    Sennheiser and Neumann have taken part in a immersive audio recording, capturing the Mahler Chamber Orchestra with the aim of creating a virtual reality listening experience. 

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    Soundplant v50.5 qwerty keyboard virtual instrument playback sampler

    Soundplant v50.5 live performance software

    Software rewritten for modern CPUs and GPUs

    Soundplant is capable of turning a normal QWERTY keyboard into a multitrack sampler and playable musical instrument. 

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    Why I Love... The State Of Flow

    Pasquale Abate

    The state of flow is a term used in different practices ranging from sports to the creative arts, but what does the state...

    People Jul 2022
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    Gesture Control For Electronic Music

    Glover Software

    Imogen Heap and Chagall are among the artists pioneering new ways of interacting with synths and effects, courtesy of the Glover software.

    Techniques Aug 2021
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