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Steinberg release VST Live Pro 2

Live performance software gains MIDI & DMX plug-ins

Steinberg VST Live Pro 2 live performance audio video lighting control software

Steinberg’s VST Live software provides performing musicians with an all-in-one sound, lighting and video control environment that is capable of tackling everything from small solo shows to large stage productions. With the launch of VST Live Pro 2, it gains some significant new features including a new Flex Loops system, DMX and MIDI plug-ins, enhanced automation features and more. 

The introduction of Flex Loops makes it easier to add variation to live performances by creating different versions of song parts that can be assigned their own independent durations, as well as offering settings for continuous looping or a fixed number of repetitions. Steinberg have also responded to user feedback regarding the software’s automation system: VST Live Pro 2 is now capable of recording automation data that isn’t exclusively linked to specific tracks or instruments, and can instead be assigned to any target after being captured. 

Some new utility plug-ins have also been introduced. The first type, MIDI plug-ins, will be familiar to many DAW users, offering a quick and simple way of manipulating the MIDI data that feeds loaded VST instruments, but the second performs a similar task for the user’s lighting rig. With the introduction of DMX plug-ins, VST Live Pro 2 now boasts a range of built-in plug-ins dedicated to creating DMX512 data for lighting fixtures, making quick work of programming detailed effects that remain in sync with their music. 

Customised GUI layouts are now possible thanks to a Focus Control system, which allows unused elements of the software to be hidden away, and the company have also implemented a number of other general improvements and enhancements. 


VST Live Pro 2 is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or above, and Macs running macOS 10.15 and higher. 

Pricing & Availability

VST Live Pro 2 is available now, priced at £85. Upgrades from VST Live Pro and VST Live Elements cost £16.80 and £40.80 respectively. Prices include VAT.

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