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    Fostex XR5

    4-track Cassette Recorder

    Though recording technology is turning increasingly to digital, there's still a ready market for the fun and easy to use analogue cassette multitracker, and Fostex have just released three new models. Derek Johnson looks at one of them.

    Reviews May 1995
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    Tascam 488 MkII

    8-track Portastudio

    Shirley Gray checks out the upgraded version of Tascam's popular 8-track Portastudio.

    Reviews Mar 1995
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    Tascam DA30 MK II

    Professional DAT Recorder

    Paul White gets behind the wheel of Tascam's new pro DAT recorder and finds it delivers a comfortable ride.

    Reviews Feb 1995
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    Vestax HDR6 & HDR4

    Digital Hard Disk Recorders

    Vestax have made the 6-track format their trademark, but their new hard disk recorder range is a major step up in terms of sound quality, professional options and technical innovation. Paul Wiffen gives it the once-over and finds himself going back for more.

    Reviews Feb 1995
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    Fostex RD8

    Digital Multitrack Recorder

    The Fostex RD8 digital multitrack combines the Alesis ADAT tape format with a wealth of on-board synchronisation and control facilities. David Mellor investigates.

    Reviews Nov 1994
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    Yamaha MT120S

    Multitrack Cassette Recorder

    Yamaha's popular cassette multitracker now benefits from a selection of hardware improvements, including double speed operation, and adds an S to its name. Shirley Gray checks out MT120 Version 2.

    Reviews Aug 1994
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    Marantz PMD720

    Personal Recording Studio

    Marantz's first cassette multitracker made quite a stir on its launch last year, with its eye-catching retro styling and round VU meters — and it sounded good too. Derek Johnson takes a look at its lower-cost brother and finds it shares much of the same appeal.

    Reviews Aug 1994
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    Yamaha MT8X

    8-track Cassette Recorder

    Will Yamaha's MT8X depose Tascam's 488 as the market leading cassette 8-track? Paul White cast a critical eye over this aggresive newcomer and discovers that the answer is far from cut and dried.

    Reviews Feb 1994
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    Aiwa XD-S1100

    DAT Recorder

    Derek Johnson examines one of the more affordable recorders, the Aiwa XD-S1100.

    Reviews Jan 1994
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    Digital Audio Labs cardD

    PC Hard Disk Recorder

    Wanna record professional quality audio on your PC's hard disk? Brian Heywood investigates the temptingly low cost route offered by Digital Audio Labs' plug-in cardD system.

    Reviews Jan 1994
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    HHB CLUE Digital Editing System

    Clue Data

    Beyond the razor-blade: HHB's innovative CLUE system provides an answer to the digital editing dilemma. Paul Gilby pieces together the story.

    Reviews Nov 1985


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