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Computer Recording Systems

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    Living With Latency

    Monitoring Delays In The Digital Studio

    Anything you record into a computer takes time to reappear at your speakers. We show you ways to tackle these delays.

    Techniques Jun 2007
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    Can You Still Make Music With An Elderly PC?

    PC Musician

    Many of us feel compelled to regularly change our PCs in line with the demands of the latest software. But, depending on our requirements, an older PC may still be more than capable of doing a great job, as PC Musician discovers this month.

    Sound Advice Dec 2006
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    Software Studios: The Next Generation

    PC Musician

    The totally software studio, with sound quality at least as good as that offered by studio hardware, is now more feasible than ever before. But what are the factors to consider if you're going to go completely 'soft'?

    Techniques Aug 2006
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    Emu's Patchmix DSP Demystified...

    The Mixing & Routing Engine

    We demystify the powerful internal routing and mixing engine within Emu's recent popular range of computer audio interfaces.

    Techniques Nov 2005
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    Setting Up A Computer Studio

    Four Computer-based Recording Systems Explained

    A frequently recurring question from new sequencer/DAW users is what else they need to set up a complete studio. We show you how to create the most simple usable system, and how to expand and adapt it to more demanding applications.

    Techniques Jan 2004
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    Soundscape Masterclass: Part 1

    Power User Tips For Soundscape Workstations

    We show how you can use well-known Soundscape features in unusual manners, plus more in-depth explanation of some specific Soundscape functions, including details of how to use VST and Direct X plug-ins to process Soundscape audio.

    Techniques Jun 2003
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    The Future Of MIDI & Audio?

    mLAN & Yamaha's 01X Music Production Studio

    With the recent announcement of Yamaha's keenly priced 01X Music Production Studio, it looks as though mLAN, the Firewire-based protocol for multi-channel digital audio and MIDI, might be about to come of age. We take an early look at the new system.

    Techniques May 2003
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    Aardvark Direct Pro Q10 Computer Recording System

    Aardvark's newest soundcard and breakout box are claimed to provide all the recording facilities PC owners could ever need, with excellent sound quality and at an affordable price. But how does the Q10 fare on the SOS test bench?

    Reviews Dec 2001
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    EMAGIC EMI 2|6

    Emagic EMI 2|6 USB Audio Interface

    Emagic's stylish blue interface reliably squeezes two inputs and six outputs out of the limited bandwidth of USB.

    Reviews Nov 2001
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    Hoontech Soundtrack Audio DSP24 & ADC/DAC2000 PC Recording Interface

    Hoontech may be a new name to most SOS readers, but those interested in affordable multi-channel digital audio cards for Windows platforms may want to get to know them better. John Walden puts their Soundtrack DSP24 and ADC/DAC2000 package to the test.

    Reviews Jul 2001
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    Carillon Audio Systems AC1 VST Songwriter PC

    Carillon Audio Systems' range of specially designed music PCs has been one of the most ambitious product launches in recent years. But apart from their distinctive design, what do these computers offer that other PCs don't? Martin Walker finds out...

    Reviews Jul 2001
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    MOTU 1296 High-Sample-Rate Audio Interface

    MOTU's good-sounding, competitively priced audio hardware has won them a lot of friends in the project-studio and professional arenas. The latest addition to their range is a 12-channel interface that offers 96kHz, 24-bit recording. Robin Bigwood tests the 1296.

    Reviews Jun 2001
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    Tascam US428

    USB Digital Recording Interface

    Tascam's versatile US428 combines the duties of audio interface, preamp, MIDI interface and MIDI fader surface at an attractive price, and has generated a lot of interest from musicians. Derek Johnson & Debbie Poyser test it with the Mac, while John Walden reports on the PC situation.

    Reviews May 2001
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    Red Submarine

    Music Laptop PC

    Although there is a lot of interest in the idea of portable, silent PC-based recording, only one company has taken up the challenge of supplying and supporting laptop systems that are guaranteed to work well for music recording. Martin Walker tries one out.

    Reviews Feb 2001
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    M Audio Delta 66

    Soundcard & Omni I/O Front End

    M Audio's Omni I/O interface allows 'Delta card' users to add mic amps, instrument inputs, insert points and monitoring capabilities to their existing systems. Martin Walker gets connected.

    Reviews Jan 2001
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    Q. How do I choose between computer-based recording and dedicated units?

    I have been recording tracks on my computer's hard disk for two years, but I now realise that the results are less than...

    Sound Advice Dec 2000
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    Soundscape R.Ed

    PC-based Computer Recording System

    As PCs grow more powerful, native-processing systems appear to offer very impressive features. Nevertheless, as Martin Walker explains, there is still a strong case for using dedicated audio hardware, as evidenced by Soundscape's powerful R.Ed system.

    Reviews Oct 2000
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    Echo Mona 24/96

    Digital Studio

    There's a new addition to Echo's well-established family of PCI recording interfaces, and it caters for recording guitarists and those mixing in surround for DVD production. Martin Walker has a date with Mona.

    Reviews Oct 2000
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    Millennium Music

    Custom-built PCs

    Millennium Music are one of several UK companies who specialise in building PC systems to musicians' individual requirements. Martin Walker test-drives their service...

    Reviews Sep 2000
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    Ego Sys Wami Rack 24

    Digital Audio & MIDI Soundcard

    A new PCI soundcard and breakout box system from Ego Sys combines analogue and digital audio, MIDI, and a host of synchronisation and driver options, and all without breaking the bank. Martin Walker wonders if this might be all you ever need...

    Reviews Sep 2000
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    Steinberg Nuendo

    Computer Recording System

    Steinberg believe that now that PCs are so powerful, the days of dedicated DSP farm for professional computer-based recording systems are over. Martin Walker enters the native processing world of Nuendo.

    Reviews Aug 2000


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