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    Marta Salogni

    Engineer & Producer

    Talent and hard work have taken Marta Salogni from dive bars in Italy to working with A-list mixing and production clients in the UK in less than a decade.

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    Recording The Masters magnetic tape brand launched

    Original Agfa/BASF formula tapes get rebrand

    French magnetic tape company Mulann have announced a brand new identity for its pro audio lines. The company owns...

    News 6/5/16
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    Tape Delay In Your DAW

    Using A Reel-to-Reel Recorder For Echo Effects

    Second-hand tape recorders are cheap and can provide uniquely warm, organic delay effects. Best of all, its a piece of cake to integrate them into a digital mixing setup. We tell you how...

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    Buying A Used Tape Machine

    Advice on acquiring and maintaining reel-to-reel recorders

    The sound of analogue tape is still revered, but acquiring and maintaining your own machine presents a unique set of challenges.

    Sound Advice
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