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Tascam Portacapture X6 firmware update

Updating to V1.10 brings more features and functionality

Tascam Portacapture X6

Tascam have announced a V1.10 firmware update for the Portacapture X6, their 32‑bit float audio recorder. This update brings several improvements to the device, aimed at providing users with more convenience and versatility. You can read our full review of the Portacapture X6 in the June 2023 edition of Sound On Sound magazine.

The new firmware introduces support for 32‑bit float point resolution when using the Portacapture X6 as a USB interface. Tascam say this new feature preserves audio resolution even after level adjustments, which results in a wider dynamic range, higher resolution, and improved audio quality. Windows users are advised to install the latest Portacapture X6 ASIO driver (v1.30) for optimal performance.

Users can now save custom setups, with space for up to three user device settings and three recording app settings, allowing quick access to alternative setups for different recording projects. These settings can be quickly recalled from the Launcher screen.

The update also introduces wireless timecode synchronisation with compatible Atomos products working with post‑production video. This function requires the additional Tascam AK‑BT1 Bluetooth adapter which is sold separately.

Also new is the USB Mix Minus functionality aimed at podcasters. This feature is designed to eliminate echoes in audio from remote participants during group calls and podcast recordings. Users can also select sound pads and USB as input signals to monitor and record sound effects and audio from conferencing platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Teams.

Tascam have also updated the remote control app, Portacapture Control. The app can now maintain a connection with the Portacapture X6 even when using the smartphone or tablet in energy‑saving mode. Additionally, a new firmware updater for Windows and macOS has been introduced, helping to simplify the update process. With a USB connection, the software now automatically searches the Tascam web server for any new Portacapture X6 firmware and updates the unit in a few clicks.

Price & Availability

Portacapture X6 V1.10 firmware is available now as a free download from Tascam’s website.

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