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Tape Recorders

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    Hugh Robjohns (L) and Paul White (R)

    From Tape To DAW | Podcast

    Recollections From Paul White & Hugh Robjohns

    Paul White and Hugh Robjohns discuss the evolution of recording from the perspective of their own experiences, starting with analogue tape and ending with computer-based digital systems.

    People Nov 2021
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    Golden Gear: Studer Revox PR99

    Open-Reel Stereo Tape Recorder

    The final Revox tape recorders left the factory almost 25 years ago, yet the enthusiasm and support for these classic machines remains as strong as ever.

    Reviews Oct 2021
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    Robin Rimbaud, AKA Scanner, in his studio.

    Robin Rimbaud - Scanner | Podcast

    Life Beyond The Computer Screen

    Robin Rimbaud, AKA Scanner, takes us on an autobiographical sonic journey as he talks about his early fascination with tape recorders, to life beyond the computer screen and his studio filled with modular and table-top synths.

    People Aug 2020
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    Marta Salogni

    Engineer & Producer

    Talent and hard work have taken Marta Salogni from dive bars in Italy to working with A-list mixing and production clients in the UK in less than a decade.

    People Aug 2018
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    Summer NAMM 18: Mara Machines MaraTapeCal

    Retro studio owner launches tape calibration app

    Mara Machines founder Chris Mara has been restoring MCI tape machines for years. Now, he’s dragging them into...

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    Recording The Masters magnetic tape brand launched

    Original Agfa/BASF formula tapes get rebrand

    French magnetic tape company Mulann have announced a brand new identity for its pro audio lines. The company owns...

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    Endless Analog CLASP

    Tape Recorder Integration System

    What’s better, a DAW or real analogue tape? Both, of course! We take a look at an ingenious system that seamlessly integrates the two.

    Reviews May 2012
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    Buying A Used Tape Machine

    Advice on acquiring and maintaining reel-to-reel recorders

    The sound of analogue tape is still revered, but acquiring and maintaining your own machine presents a unique set of challenges.

    Sound Advice Mar 2010
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    Q. How do I maintain my tape machine?

    Hugh: It's strange. A few years ago I used tape machines almost every day, but now it is something of a...

    Sound Advice Nov 2007
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    Tape Delay In Your DAW

    Using A Reel-to-Reel Recorder For Echo Effects

    Second-hand tape recorders are cheap and can provide uniquely warm, organic delay effects. Best of all, its a piece of cake to integrate them into a digital mixing setup. We tell you how...

    Techniques Aug 2007
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    Q. How do I hook up my reel-to-reel tape machine?

    I recently purchased a second-hand Tandberg reel-to-reel tape machine and I'm having difficulties connecting it to my external hi-fi...

    Sound Advice Sep 2005
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    Q. What is different about the varieties of Dolby noise reduction?

    Could you explain the subtle differences between all the different variants of Dolby — A, B, C, HX and SR?

    Sound Advice Aug 2005
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    Q. Can you explain how the 'Track Expansion Method' works?

    Back in 1986-7, there was an ad for an amazing and inexpensive technique which, it claimed, added many more audio tracks to your eight-track reel-to-reel tape machine. How did it work?

    Sound Advice Jun 2005
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    Q. What kind of reel-to-reel tape recorder do I need?

    A friend of mine has a couple of old stereo tape reels which he'd like to transfer to CD. I've seen stereo reel-to-reel tape machines for sale and I'm considering investing in one, probably a Studer or a Revox, not only to help out my friend, but also because I'm interested in experimenting with tape loops and tape saturation effects. Are old machines by these manufacturers reliable?

    Sound Advice Jul 2004
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