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Beyerdynamic TGX10 Microphone

Beyerdynamic TGX10 Microphone

The TGX10 is a dynamic/moving‑coil pressure‑gradient microphone with a supercardioid polar pattern and a capsule capable of withstanding high sound pressure levels (up to 140dB is quoted). It's designed for use with percussion instruments, particularly snare drum — at only 75mm long, it doesn't obstruct a drummer when it is placed near a snare, especially if you use a mic lead with a right‑angled XLR. The TGX10 comes supplied in a rugged foam‑lined case, and has its own 3/8‑inch and 5/8‑inch threads for mounting directly onto a mic stand without the need for a conventional mic clip.

There is also a flexible microphone 'claw' mount designed to fasten onto the drum itself, eliminating the need for a regular stand. There can sometimes be a problem with mechanical noise when using clamps directly on to instruments, but Beyer claim that the TGX10 is "insensitive to handling or mechanical noise". The quoted frequency response of 50‑15,000 Hz should be more than adequate for its purpose, and the supercardioid polar pattern should ensure rejection of unwanted hi‑hat and cymbal sounds.

In use, the TGX10 is very easy to position at the desired angle and, as promised, with the minimum of inconvenience to the player. It sounded crisp on snare, and with proximity effect, displayed an adequate bass response. On rack and floor toms the mic gave an accurate response as expected, with full bottom end and the same crispness at higher frequencies. The supplied 'claw mount' did its job well enough once fitted to the drum, with little handling noise as per spec, though I did find it a little fiddly initially. Once you get the mount to its most convenient position it does not easily fit back into the supplied case, with the result that you either neglect to use the case, or elect to use a standard mic stand. My favoured method was to use the TGX10 on my smallest boom stand when using it on snare and floor tom, thereby making positioning easy and secure without using too much floor space.

All in all, this is an excellent microphone for most types of drums, and I would certainly make it one of my first choices for snare on many sessions. John Verity