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Dangerous Music Convert-AD+

Stereo A-D Converter
Published March 2018
By Frederick Norén

Dangerous Music 	Convert-AD+

Fifteen years after releasing their first D-A converter, Dangerous have brought out their first A-D. Was it worth the wait?

Dangerous Music have been making highly respected, mastering-grade outboard gear for almost two decades. Their monitor controllers have featured high-quality D-A converters for some time, and standalone D-A converters were released more recently. But until the new Convert-AD+, they’d not offered an A-D converter. So, having been impressed by every piece of Dangerous gear I’ve used to date, I was keen to see if their first A-D converter was worth the wait...


The front panel of the Convert-AD+ (I’ll call it the AD+) consists of a couple of different sections, and it’s all very intuitive. Leftmost is a button for changing the sample rate — pushing it switches between the usual sample rates from 44.1 up to 192 kHz. When the sample rate is stable, the Lock LED changes from red to green. When using the USB connection, the AD+ sets its internal clock according to the DAW settings that are detected — it can serve as a master clock for other equipment in this mode, but the clock rate is set by the DAW. This default mode can be defeated by holding the clock button for three seconds, after which the AD+ sample rate is only set by the front-panel button. Again, it can be used as a master clock for other connected equipment in...

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Published March 2018