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Electric & Company EC5B | Audio Examples

Hear For Yourself By Neil Rogers
Published May 2023

The audio examples on this page accompany my review of the Electric & Company EC5B Limiting Amplifier from SOS May 2023 issue.

I’ve provided before and after examples, along with the settings used and a few thoughts on what I was trying to achieve. The before (RAW) examples were recorded without any compression applied.

01_Drum Room_RAW

A rather limp-sounding mono drum room mic.

02_Drum Room_EC5B

For this example, I used the EC5B to add character and excitement to the mono drum room mic in example 01. The attack was set to 1 o’clock and the release to its fastest setting. It’s worth noting that the side-chain filter was off — and that when engaged the kick drum sounded somewhat cleaner.

03_Bass Guitar_RAW

An unprocessed DI bass guitar part.

04_Bass Guitar_EC5B

I purposely overcooked the bass guitar, to highlight the saturated effect that you can achieve very easily. For this example, the release was on its fast setting — dialling this back results in a cleaner sound.

05_Acoustic Guitar_RAW

An untreated strummed acoustic guitar part.

06_Acoustic Guitar_EC5B

For this example, I used the EC5B to add roundness to the untreated acoustic guitar part, with the attack set at 11 o’clock and a slow release. Things became too coloured very quickly, but by engaging the side-chain filter and slowing down the release it’s possible to scale down the audible saturation.

07_Electric Guitar_RAW

A slightly driven picked electric guitar recording.

08_Electric Guitar_EC5B

I used the EC5B to make the guitar part feel less ‘spikey’. This setting also seems to bring out a little low-mid range detail. The side-chain filter was engaged at 100Hz, with the attack set at 1 o’clock and the release at 12 o’clock.

09_Male Vocals_RAW

A male lead vocal recording.

10_Male Vocals_EC5B

As you’ll be able to see if you inspect the waveforms for this example, the EC5B dramatically tamed the dynamic range of the vocal. With the attack set at 1 o’clock and release at 11 o’clock, the vocal is ‘pinned’ down in a way you might associate more with an 1176-style FET compressor.