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Erica Synths-Sonic Potions LXR-2

Drum Machine Eurorack Module By Rory Dow
Published February 2023

Sonic Potions/Erica Synths LXR-2

I reviewed the Sonic Potions/Erica Synths LXR‑02 (note the extra zero) in the April 2022 issue. It’s a six‑voice digital drum machine with bags of character, and I enjoyed it greatly. So, when Erica Synths asked if we’d review the Eurorack module version (the LXR‑2), I jumped at the chance.

The LXR‑2 is a 28HP module with the same sound engine as the LXR‑02. There are six voices, although there are seven potential drum triggers. That’s because the open and closed hi‑hats share a voice. Each voice uses one of four synthesis algorithms: Drum, Snare, Cymbal/Clap and Hihats. You can have up to three Drum sounds and one each of the others. The algorithms combine elements of subtractive synthesis, FM, noise and samples (in a minimal way). The Drum algorithm is the most flexible and can be used to create just about any electronic drum sound you can imagine. The others are more targeted, with specific tailoring to create hi‑hats, cymbals, claps and snares. If you want more detail on each algorithm, see my original LXR‑02 review, but I will say that the synthesis on offer in the LXR machines is some of the best electronic drum synthesis on the market right now.

The desktop LXR‑02 had an integrated sequencer, but this has been dropped on the assumption that sequencing the Eurorack module will be external. In order to facilitate this, the LXR‑2 has seven pairs of trigger and accent inputs (5V). There are also five CV inputs (‑5V to +5V) and four audio outputs.