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Flux IRCAM Tools | Audio

Plug-in Suite
Published August 2011

To give you an idea of just a few of the things that are possible with Flux's IRCAM Tools plug-in suite, I remixed a simple demo song that I was working on while reviewing it. First up is the original mix, which includes acoustic guitar, vocals, bass and unconvincing sampled brass. A single instance of Flux's Verb reverb was used as the main and only reverb.

For the second track, I used the same 'Medium Hall' reverb preset, but within Flux's Spat plug-in, and used parameter automation to move the sources around the stereo field. You should be able to hear them moving not only from left to right and back again, but also towards and away from the listening position, and even turning around to face the opposite direction!

The third track is the same as the original mix, except that I used Flux's Trax Transformer plug-in in off-line mode to apply different processing to each line of the vocal.