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Fohhn PT-70

Passive PA Speaker
Published November 2017
By Paul White

Fohhn PT-70

When compromise isn’t an option, Fohhn’s new high-tech PA speaker will deliver the goods — for those who can afford it...

If you’ve come across German company Fohhn before, you’ll appreciate that they have no truck with the concept of picking a price and then building a system to fit it. Instead they build the best speaker they can, then work out what it is going to cost — and that’s just the case with the new PT-70 reviewed here.

The only way to really put a system like this through its paces is to try it at an outdoor festival, which is exactly what we did at Malvern’s annual West Fest. This medium-sized festival takes place on a large sports field with a maximum capacity of maybe 4000 people — and we needed a system that could be heard clearly and with adequate volume all the way across the field. At the same time we needed something ‘hi-fi’ enough to handle a wide range of musical genres, from folk to funk. Systems Workshop, Fohhn’s distributors in the UK, had just received the new PT-70, a...

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Published November 2017