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Intellijel/Cylonix Rainmaker

Stereo Spectral Rhythm Delay Eurorack Module
Published April 2018
By Paul Nagle

Size: 36HP. Current: +12V = 270mA, -12V = 24mA.Size: 36HP. Current: +12V = 270mA, -12V = 24mA.

If, like me, you sometimes use cost or size considerations to avoid checking out new modules, it’s possible you never gave the Intellijel Rainmaker enough attention. Another collaboration between Intellijel and Cylonix, the Rainmaker is neither cheap nor small — and the early demo videos weren’t great either. However, with the passage of time and the inclusion of more adventurous presets, it’s becoming difficult to ignore the background ‘wows’ of enthusiasts.

The Rainmaker consists of a stereo 16-tap spectral delay paired with a 64-tap comb resonator, the latter sporting external triggering options that turn it into...

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Published April 2018