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Intellijel Metropolix

Eurorack Module By William Stokes
Published December 2021

Intellijel Metropolix: 34HP, +12V 95mA, -12V 10mA.Intellijel Metropolix: 34HP, +12V 95mA, -12V 10mA.

Vancouver’s Intellijel Designs could have left their Metropolis exactly where it was and still have something of an industry leader in their arsenal. That sequencer, inspired by the Roland System 100m format Ryk M‑185 brought something exciting to the table: eight physical stages were endlessly pliable with adjustable pulse counts, gate types and order, not to mention assignable inputs for all kinds of parameter modulation. Now they return with the Metropolix: a module that maintains all the key traits that made its predecessor a hit while expanding its horizons enormously. Key developments include a second gate and CV track, three auxiliary inputs, two assignable control knobs, on‑the‑fly playability and a cavalcade of new modulation options. Plus there are some very pretty coloured LED buttons.

The right‑hand side of the Metropolix is more or less unchanged: eight neat LED‑tipped pitch sliders hover over a row of stepped ‘pulse count’ sliders, which offer up to eight pulses per step. In this way, eight steps actually become any amount up to 64. Below these lies a row of ‘gate type’ sliders, which select how a stage behaves relative to its pulse count slider’s setting. While the Metropolis’ bottom line of buttons controlled slide and skip settings, the Metropolix has added six more options to this row, which I’ll come to shortly. On the surface it’s a simple interface and easy to achieve interesting and expressive sequences straight out of the box. I soon realised that this is certainly a good thing, because from then on in it’s a case of seeing just how much is possible with this module.

If Intellijel ever had a motto to go with the Metropolix, I’d imagine it would be something along the lines of “If it ain’t broke... Improve it.”

The left side of the Metropolix’s panel is where things have really changed. The seven‑segment display of the...

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