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iZotope Neutron 2 & Ozone 8

Mixing & Mastering Plug-ins
Published May 2018
By Bob Thomas

iZotope O8N2

The latest versions of iZotope’s Ozone and Neutron are not only more intelligent than their predecessors, they can also communicate with one another.

Back in January 2017, we reviewed iZotope’s Neutron, an innovative plug-in that not only includes a wide range of processing tools, but a facility called Track Assistant, which automatically analyses source tracks and suggests appropriate settings. The version 2 update under review here not only introduces an improved Track Assisant with expanded functionality, but also debuts new features aimed at speeding up your mixing still further. Simultaneously, iZotope also launched version 8 of their long-established Ozone mastering suite. This incorporates numerous new features and improvements, perhaps the most interesting of which is the ability to communicate with Neutron 2, opening up the possibility of addressing mastering EQ-related issues within a mix.

Since Ozone 7 was also covered in some depth relatively recently, in SOS February 2016, I’m going to concentrate here on the improvements and new features found in the Advanced versions of both programs, some of which don’t appear in their lower-cost Standard and Elements variants.

Neutron: The Bomb?

Tracks that don’t require Neutron processing can still make their contribution to its analysis of other tracks, thanks to the new Mix Tap plug-in.Tracks that don’t require Neutron processing can still make their contribution to its analysis of other tracks, thanks to the new Mix Tap plug-in.Designed to ease and enhance your mixing process, rather than to automate it, Neutron 2 aims to provides starting points on which you can build, alongside tools intended to assist you in analysing and correcting issues in your mix and in its component tracks. An important feature of Neutron 2 is that all of its instances are ‘aware’ of, and can communicate with, all of the others. The ideal starting point for a Neutron 2-assisted mix is therefore to instantiate the plug-in on every track, at the end of any existing...

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Published May 2018