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Peter Siedleczek's Upgrade '97

Sample CD Buyer's Guide
Published January 2000

Peter Siedleczek's Upgrade '97


Vns, Vas, Vcs: sus int (f & mp), sus vb int (f & p), short int (f & mp) <5 lengths>, stc up‑ and down‑bow (f & mp), att (f & mp), trem (f & p)

'Hollywood' Vns, Vas, Vcs, Dbs: sus (f & mp).

'Silver' Vns, Vas, Vcs: sus.


sus vb, sus vb int, stc <2>, short phrases & effects.


Crot, #Cwb, Japanese bowl.


Cast, Clv, Cwb, Bamboo, shell & wind chimes, Tamb, Tbl.


Single notes <2> (= normal/played close to the resonance board), single notes with warm EQ <2>.

Comments: As the name suggests, this is a supplementary set of samples designed to extend and broaden the range of the five Advanced Orchestra discs. New instruments, as detailed above, include: bass flute, new string sections, crotales and miscellaneous percussion (ambient and dry). There are also some new playing techniques: Harp single notes, string section attacks, up and down bows, initial, end, and intermediate 'true legato' notes of various lengths. The last of these were extracted from actual melodies to create the right sort of legato bow attack, as explained in great detail in the booklet.

The set also contains 'short loop' versions of the ensemble sounds from the main library, and some brightly EQ'd versions of the brass staccatos. New instruments were all recorded in a large concert hall, which has a pleasing reverb.

So, is it worth getting the extra set? Well, the so‑called 'true legato' string performances do their job well, and are pretty effective not only for melodies and fast lines; I actually found them more useable for string pads than those in the main library. However, it takes a while to get used to all the technical variations — although the booklet is very clearly worded, getting your head round all the possible options is quite a challenge! The two new evocatively named string sections have been EQ'd with 'modern music production' in mind (what? not the ancient Egyptian kind?), and sound both sheer and penetrating. The bass flute is quite a pleasant sound, but unique only in its bottom few notes.

Quibbles: The harp is mono, and has one or two rather twangy mid‑range samples which could get annoying with repeated use.

Contact: Time & Space.

<img src="" width="19" height="17"> Akai/Emu IV CD‑ROM (3‑disc set) £179.