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Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Micro Sequence

Eurorack Module
Published July 2018
By Paul Nagle

The Lifeforms Micro Sequence is a compact eight-step sequencer with more functionality than its minimalist design suggests. It provides two simultaneous CV outputs, the first of which is quantised, delivering four octaves of pitch in a variety of scales. The second is an unquantised 0-5 V source.

Size: 10HP. Current: +12V = 56mA, -12V = 8mA.Size: 10HP. Current: +12V = 56mA, -12V = 8mA.As it wasn’t immediately obvious how to sync to an external clock, I performed the now obligatory online search for a manual, only to discover there isn’t one. Fortunately a web page explains the use of the button and LED...

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Published July 2018