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Stager SR-1A & SR-2N

Ribbon Microphones
Published February 2018
By Hugh Robjohns

Stager SR-1A & SR-2N

Hand made in Nashville, these mics use old-school materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver that classic ribbon sound.

Boutique manufacturers have become an increasingly significant part of the pro-audio industry over the last decade or so, with countless small companies making niche products like specialist mic preamps, signal processors and — especially — microphones. The availability, at relatively low cost, of sophisticated component parts from the Far East must play a helpful part in this burgeoning market, but so too does the responsiveness of these small manufacturers in recognising and meeting particular demands and fashions, offering hand-crafted alternatives that simply wouldn’t be viable for larger corporations.

Matt Stager is the man behind one such boutique manufacturer, the eponymously named Stager Microphones, based in Nashville, USA. Currently there are but two products in the company’s catalogue, both ribbon...

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Published February 2018