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Sony C100

Dual-element Capacitor Microphone
Published February 2018
By Sam Inglis

Sony C100

Twenty-five years after the release of the iconic C800G, Sony are back with a brand-new studio microphone — with a unique ultrasonic twist...

There are times when the unattainability of a piece of equipment only adds to its desirability. It’s true of vintage gear that was made in limited quantities, but it’s also the case with at least one current product. Launched in 1992 and presently listing at just over $11,000, Sony’s C800G valve capacitor microphone is one of the most expensive mics in production today — but even if you happen to have $11,000, you won’t necessarily be able to buy one. In order to be legally sold within the European Union, electronic devices must be compliant with current ROHS legislation, and the C800G is not. So, although some European resellers nominally include it in their catalogues, actually getting your mitts on one could prove difficult.

Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the C800G is desirable. Thanks both to its characteristically bright, detailed sound and its unique appearance, Sony’s flagship has become a must-have for any high-end studio catering to rap and R&B vocalists.

The popularity of the C800G is all the more remarkable when you consider not only its exclusivity, but also the fact that its makers haven’t exactly spent the last 25 years singing its praises. Where other companies would have plastered the press with adverts and testimonials, and used the C800’s reputation to spin off more affordable mass-market products, Sony have quietly let the mic do the talking — until now. At last November’s AES Show in New York, the Japanese mega-corporation...

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Published February 2018