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Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux Filter

Eurorack Module By Rory Dow
Published December 2021

The Neutron Flux is a chameleon. Supercritical describe it as an “8‑pole variable character filter”. It has an analogue core with digital control. It’s a stereo filter and can morph smoothly between different ‘characters’ giving you almost endless tweakability to dial in just the right tone.

Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux: 12HP, +12V 150mA, ‑12V 120mA.Supercritical Synthesizers Neutron Flux: 12HP, +12V 150mA, ‑12V 120mA.There’s a lot of filter packed into this 12HP skiff‑friendly module. The 8‑pole filter is, in fact, two 4‑pole filters. They can operate in parallel (4‑pole, stereo) or series (8‑pole, mono). The Poles button will cycle around options from 1 to 8 poles. With some filter characters, these options don’t select poles exactly, but they will usually change the response going from shallow to deep.

The filter characters are arranged in three banks of five for a total of 15 (at least so far, Supercritical added five of those with a firmware update mid‑review). They are accessed with a knob in the centre of the front panel which is flanked by five LEDs labelled Fat, Crisp, Liquid, Sour and Mean. These labels won’t always describe the current filter character because that depends on which bank you’re in.

The first bank contains a range of classic filter types with descriptions that allude strongly to their origins (and do match sonically with the labels on the front panel). There is an east‑coast ladder filter, a creamy state variable, an OTA, a ‘liquid acid’...

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