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Tierra Audio Flavours | Audio

Hear For Yourself! By Neil Rogers
Published April 2022

These audio files accompany my review of the Flavours range of booster preamps which appears in SOS April 2022.

They give examples of each Flavour used in the same four contexts (as follows), to make comparison fairly easy for you:


My voice captured through a Shure SM7 moving-coil dynamic mic, with an external pop-filter, in a typical voiceover/podcast-style setting.


My Rogers 22-inch kick drum captured with an Audio-Technica AM25 hypercardioid dynamic mic, placed just outside the hole on the resonant head.


A mono drum overhead positioned about 1m above the snare drum. This was using one capsule/channel of my stereo Royer SF-12 passive ribbon microphone.

Acoustic Guitar

A fairly close-miked strummed acoustic guitar part, again using one side of my Royer SF-12, pointing about 6-7 inches away from when the neck meets the body of the guitar.

For all those sources, there’s one audio example per Flavour, and the Flavour was patched into and powered by the fairly neutral-sounding mic preamps of my Audient ASP8024 mixing console. There’s also a ‘without’ option, with the same mic patched directly into the Audient preamp and no Flavour in the signal path.