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Trident Audio Series 80B | Media

Stereo Preamp & EQ By Hannes Bieger
Published April 2013

The audio files on this page accompany Hannes Bieger's review of the Trident Audio Series 80B stereo preamp and EQ, which can be accessed at /sos/apr13/articles/trident-audio-series-80b.htm.


This example is of an acoustic guitar recorded with a Neumann KM184 small-diaphragm condenser microphone. The EQ is engaged the second pass , clearing out some mud and adding a little mid-range presence.

01: Preamp

02: Preamp, EQ: cut @ 190 Hz, Boost at 1.5 kHz

Upright Bass

Now you can hear the EQ in various settings on an upright bass track. Please note the elegant and smooth filter sweeps in the last round.

01: Original

02: Boost @ 120 Hz

03: Boost @ 120 Hz, Boost @ 900 Hz

04: Sweep through both mid bands, at full boost


The Trident 80B EQ on a vocal track: A full boost at 12 kHz may already be a bit over top, even for this rather dull recording. But the sound remains quite pleasant even at these extreme settings. The milder boost at 8 kHz might be more suitable for a real world application, though.

01: Original

02: Full Boost @ 12 kHz

03: Boost @ 8 kHz


Finally, we can hear a little distortion! When overdriven, the Trident 80B adds even more weight to this Minimoog bassline, which can then be tweaked even further with the EQ section.

01: Original

02: Distorted

03: Boost @ 120 Hz, 1.2 kHz