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UJAM Striiiings

UJAM Striiiings

UJAM and Hans Zimmer attempt to make creating professional string parts possible for everyone with Striiiings.

UJAM have a well‑established catalogue of virtual drummer, guitarist and bassist instruments with a design ethos that combines quality sounds with very user‑friendly UIs and workflow. However, their latest release is Striiiings (just hold on to all those letter ‘i’s and pronounce the name with a dramatic flourish!) and this represents something of a bold departure. That said, with Hans Zimmer as a co‑founder of UJAM, and his own archive of string ensemble recordings being used for the underlying samples, expectations might well be high. So, if you are looking for an easy way to add high‑quality modern string arrangements to your musical projects, is Striiiings the thing?

Engine Matters

At the heart of all UJAM’s virtual musicians lies a combination of a sample set, a large collection of preset performance patterns, some cool effects options and a very clever UI that brings all these elements together in a deliberately compact control set. Striiiings will undoubtedly have many elements that appear familiar to the UJAM user base.

Striiiings ships with some well‑organised style presets covering a broad range of performance styles.Striiiings ships with some well‑organised style presets covering a broad range of performance styles.Top menu bar aside (where you can access the global preset system), the screen is divided into two horizontal sections. In the upper portion, you can customise the sound of the string section itself, with separate controls and effects for the low strings (basses/celli) and high strings (violas/violins) plus a central panel of global processing options. The lower portion contains the performance controls, allowing you to select from the 60 available...

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Published April 2021