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Vertigo Sound VSE-2

Dual-channel Gyrator EQ
Published December 2017
By Bob Thomas

Vertigo Sound VSE-2

Vertigo’s classy new equaliser draws on some intriguing design ideas from the 1970s.

In the 10 years since Munich-based Vertigo Sound launched their dual-channel VSC-2 Quad Compressor, the company have forged an enviable reputation for delivering beautifully built, high-end hardware devices which combine modern circuit design and technology with the highly desirable sonic characteristics of vintage classics. The VSC-2 (reviewed in SOS November 2012: took its inspiration from the best VCA compressors of the 1970s and ’80s; the VSP-2 dual-channel mic preamp (SOS June 2014: harked back to one the most highly regarded mic preamps of the same era; and now, with the dual-mono VSE-2 Gyrator Equaliser, they’ve turned their attention to an EQ circuit topology first developed in the 1970s.

Why Gyrate?

First proposed in 1948 by Bernard Tellegen (as a hypothetical fifth linear element after the resistor, capacitor, inductor and ideal transformer), a gyrator is essentially an active two-terminal device that inverts the current-voltage characteristic of an electrical component. Thus a gyrator can transform a capacitor into an inductor, so it can be used to replace the inductor in an LRC (inductor, capacitor and resistor) filter circuit. In fact, gyrators are sometimes referred to as ‘simulated inductors’, but that can be undeservedly faint praise because a gyrator is actually capable of...

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Published December 2017