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Sequencers / Grooveboxes

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    Roland SP808 Groovesampler

    Sampling Workstation

    The new SP808 has little in common with its namesake, the TR808; one was an analogue rhythm unit, the other is a feature-packed sampler, multitrack digital audio recorder, synth and remix tool. Clearly, Roland are hoping that some of the 'hi-tech classic' status of the TR will pass to the new SP.

    Reviews Aug 1998
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    Miditemp MP88W

    MIDI & Digital Audio File Player/Data Filer/MIDI Matrix

    It's a MIDI patchbay! It's a MIDI data filer and player! It's a sampler playback unit! It's... impossible to sum up in a few words. Martin Russ is delighted to make the aquaintance of the grand seigneur of all MIDI file players.

    Reviews Jul 1998
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    Roland MC505


    If you like your music production tools hip, knob-laden and all in one box, you're probably drooling over the MC505. Derek Johnson gets into the groove.

    Reviews Apr 1998
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    Doepfer MAQ16/3

    MIDI Analogue Sequencer

    The original MAQ 16/3 analogue-style step sequencer, developed with the help of Kraftwerk's Florian Schneider, was released almost five years ago, but Doepfer clearly believe in shelf-life and have continued to update this unique instrument. Chris Carter steps ahead.

    Reviews Feb 1998
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    Yamaha MDF3

    MIDI Data Filer

    There are still plenty of people who just won't have a computer in the studio, but nevertheless need some way of saving MIDI data. Nicholas Rowland checks out the successor to the venerable MDF2.

    Reviews Jan 1998
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    Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309 Upgrades

    Dance Box

    Quasimidi are delivering on their promise to provide new goodies for owners of the 309 dance box. Derek Johnson raves a bit...

    Reviews Dec 1997
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    Yamaha QY70

    Music Sequencer

    Like the Doctor in the TARDIS, Yamaha's newest Walkstation sequencer is small but deceptively spacious. Martin Russ dons his floppy hat, winds his stripey scarf a little tighter, fortifies himself with another jelly baby, and enters a different dimention...

    Reviews Sep 1997
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    Latronic Notron

    Step Sequencer

    Is it a hi-tech bathroom scale? Is it a 21st-century computer game? Is it Darth Vader's toilet seat? No, it's an innovative LED-laden MIDI step sequencer, with the power to wring new life from your old synths. Paul Nagle pulses and flashes with excitement.

    Reviews Jun 1997
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    Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309

    Synthesis System & Sequencer

    Quasimidi have distilled the experience gained from their successful dance-orientated keyboards into a one-box solution of concentrated rave power. Derek Johnson gets on the ravy train.

    Reviews May 1997
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    Akai MPC2000

    Digital Percussion Sampler/Sequencer

    The latest MIDI and percussion combination from Akai is the first not to feature Roger Linn's signature, although it clearly takes its inspiration from those that do. But Paul Wiffen discovers that, although this unit adds a feature he's been waiting 10 years for, it's missing the high price tag of its predecessors.

    Reviews Apr 1997
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    Roland MC8

    Microcomposer (Retro)

    Roland's MC8 began electronic music's move away from the limited compositional scope of the analogue sequencer, and left its stamp on some of the seminal pop of the 1980s. Chris and Cosey's Chris Carter, a pioneering MC8 user himself , fires up the 20 candles on the MC8's birthday cake...

    Reviews Mar 1997
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    Yamaha QY700

    Music Sequencer

    Paul Wiffen, a ferocious advocate of hardware sequencers for many years, takes a look at Yamaha's new flagship sequencer and finds himself reminiscing about the way things were (and could be again).

    Reviews Nov 1996
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    Roland MC303


    Roland once stated that they would never bring out a follow-up to their now terminally trendy TB303 Bassline. However, the success of other manufacturers' TB clones and the inflated price of the original have made them think again. Derek Johnson and Debbie Poyser are proud to present the UK's first in-depth review of the new MC303.

    Reviews Aug 1996
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    Roland MSQ700

    Sequencer (Retro)

    Beethoven's amanuensis it might not be, but for dancey doodlings, you won't find a better scratchpad than the Roland MSQ700 'multitrack digital keyboard recorder'. Steve Howell reassesses the sequencer that dared not speak its name...

    Reviews Apr 1996
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    Yamaha QY22

    MIDI Sequencer

    Although it offered a GM mode, Yamaha's QY22 Walkstation was not a true General MIDI instrument. With the release of the new fully GM-compatible QY22, have Yamaha rectified the shortcomings of the previous machine? Derek Johnson finds out.

    Reviews Nov 1995
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    Roland MC202

    Microcomposer (Retro)

    Almost overlooked in the rush of people desperate to get their hands on a Roland TB303, the MC202 is just beginning to find favour with the all-analogue dance crowd. Tom Carpenter explains why he's never forgotten the diminutive MicroComposer.

    Reviews Aug 1995
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    Solton MS40

    Multimedia Music Station

    Michael Anthony plays Orpheus in the underworld of home keyboards in an attempt to discover what level of technology lies beneath their distinctly untrendy exteriors.

    Reviews May 1995
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    Analogue Systems TH48


    We've had the analogue synth revival; now it's the turn of the analogue sequencer! Gordon Reid checks out Analogue Systems' brand-new 16-step analogue sequencer and explains just why you might want such an apparently obsolete device.

    Reviews Apr 1995
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    Viscount RD800

    MIDI Data Filer

    Derek Johnson takes a look at a new MIDI disk drive that will store and retrieve your files in a flash...

    Reviews Feb 1995
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    Akai MPC3000

    MIDI Production Centre

    The MPC3000's dedicated sequencing and drum sampling control surface aims to tempt high-level musicians away from their computers with its luxurious hardware approach. David Mellor puts in a hard day's night and gives it the thumbs up.

    Reviews Oct 1994
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    Yamaha QY8

    Music Sequencer

    After last month's test-drive of Yamaha's top-of-the-range-QY300 music sequencer, Martin Russ now takes its baby sibling, the QY8, for a spin around the block.

    Reviews Sep 1994


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