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Q. Can I modify my mixing console?

The 24-channel Soundcraft Ghost mixing console, complete with optional meterbridge.The 24-channel Soundcraft Ghost mixing console, complete with optional meterbridge.

Is it possible to modify a console's channels so that the meters on the meterbridge show the signal level post-fader rather than just after the insert point? The desk in question is a Soundcraft Ghost.

SOS Forum Post

Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns replies: It is of course possible to modify a console so that the channel meters display post-fade rather than pre-fade levels. However, there may well be a 10dB internal level difference to contend with because of the faders' 10dB of headroom, and in any case, I would question why you would need to do this.

Generally, channel meters are pre-fade so that you can check the signal level in a channel whether or not the fader is open. Post-fade levels are largely irrelevant, because if you can hear the main stereo output, your ears should be telling you whether everything is OK.

In a desk with groups there are usually pre-fade group meters as well, and these tell you whether the group buss amps are at risk of being overloaded. Normally, the only post-fade meter is the main stereo output one.

As far as the Ghost console is concerned, Soundcraft are usually pretty good about supplying service manuals and circuit diagrams, and from them you should be able to work out the feasibility of making the modifications that you desire.