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Q. Where can I find a good software piano?

I have Cubase 5/32 and I am looking for very good piano software. I am familar with Black & Whites, but do not know if there is anything else out there. I do know that Black & Whites is not a VST plug in, but do not know if it is compatible with Cubase 5/32.


Assistant Editor Sam Inglis replies: Black & Whites is made by Bitheadz (distributed by Unity Audio, +44 (0)1440 785843,, and is a dedicated playback‑only version of their Unity DS1 software sampler (reviewed SOS April '99). As such, it can work via ReWire in Cubase, which means that it can accept MIDI data from the sequencer engine and its audio outputs appear in Cubase's audio mixer. The other option that would be worth investigating is Nemesys's Gigasampler LE (reviewed SOS December 1998). This is another software sampler which runs as a stand‑alone application, but can be used with Cubase — though you will need a fast computer and hard drive. Because it streams samples from hard disk rather than holding them in RAM, it can use huge samples, and comes shipped with a high‑quality piano multisample 1Gb in size.