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Getting More From DP's MasterWorks Plug-ins: Part1

MOTU Digital Performer Tips & Tricks
By Mike Levine

The MW FET‑76 emulates the performance and controls of the hardware 1176.The MW FET‑76 emulates the performance and controls of the hardware 1176.

We explore three of the MasterWorks processors: MW FET‑76, MW Leveler and MW Compressor.

DP's MasterWorks (MW) plug-in collection is comprised of five dynamics processors and an equaliser. All are deep, powerful and flexible, and provide you with high-quality tools for mixing and mastering. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we'll look at three of the processors: MW FET‑76, MW Leveler and MW Compressor.

Saturated FETs

The original UREI 1176 is one of the most celebrated hardware compressors of all time. The MW FET‑76 plug-in provides an accurate emulation of the 1176LN.

From a control standpoint, the MW FET‑76 is almost identical to the original. Both have a fixed threshold, and you use the input gain control to raise the incoming signal and trigger the compression. The higher the input signal, the more compression.

Like the original, the MW FET‑76 has four Ratio buttons — 4:1, 8:1, 12:1 and 20:1 — which can be selected one at a time or in combination. The FET‑76 differs slightly from the original unit in the method for combining the ratio buttons. It features an extra button called Compression Combination, which needs to be activated before you can engage multiple ratios.

Just like on the original hardware, the attack and release controls operate in reverse compared to most other compressors, so the settings get faster as you turn the knobs counterclockwise. If you adjust the attack knob on the FET‑76 fully counterclockwise to its off...

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Published January 2020