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Layers Of Complexity | Media

The SOS Drum-layering Masterclass By Eddie Bazil
Published November 2012

The audio files on this page accompany the SOS Drum Layering Masterclass, which appeared in SOS November 2012.

Audio Example 01a

The untreated source sample, 'Kick 1'.

Audio Example 01b

The sustain element separated out from the original 'Kick 1' sample.

Audio Example 01c

The topped and tailed 'Kick 1' sample.

Audio Example 02a

The untreated 'Kick 2' sample.

Audio Example 02b

The topped and tailed attack element, taken from 'Kick 2'.

Audio Example 03a

The original 'Kick 3' sample.

Audio Example 03b

The topped and tailed attack element, taken from 'Kick 3'.

Audio Example 04

Different elements layered together using Reaper's nudge tool.

Audio Examples 05a-e

Each of these files uses the same basic sample layers as its starting point, but different nudges have been applied to one layer, resulting in offsets of between 3 and 21 samples. Listen to each and you can hear the transformational effect of phase cancellation, and what you can do by combining this with EQ.

Audio Example 05a

A three-sample nudge, with some EQ applied.

Audio Example 05b

A 10-sample nudge, with no EQ.

Audio Example 05c

An 11-sample nudge with EQ.

Audio Example 05d

A 12-sample nudge with EQ.

Audio Example 05e

A 20-sample nudge, without EQ.

Audio Example 05f

A 21-sample nudge with EQ applied.