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Max For Live: Creative Convolution

Ableton Live Tips & Techniques
Published August 2018
By Len Sasso

Screen 1: Use Live’s LD Core Kit to audition IR samples in Convolution Reverb.Screen 1: Use Live’s LD Core Kit to audition IR samples in Convolution Reverb.

Max For Live’s take on convolution reverb is a versatile sound design tool.

When you want to stuff your piano into a phone booth or play your ocarina in Westminster Abbey, a convolution reverb is the tool to use. You’ll find an in‑depth look at how convolution reverbs work in Martin Walker’s article ‘Convolution Processing With Impulse Responses’ in SOS April 2005. This month’s Live column will focus on convolution as a sound‑design tool using the Max For Live Convolution Reverb Live Pack, which is included in Live 10 Suite and available to Live 9 users in the Max For Live Essentials Pack.


Convolution multiplies the frequency spectra of two audio sources. Matching peaks in the constantly changing spectra are...

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Published August 2018