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Mix Rescue: J.P Fitting | Audio Files

Hear The Before & After
Published June 2007

This month, we invited guest mix-rescuer Luke Fletcher to create an authentic '60s feel.

Hear The Difference For Yourself!

We have posted before and after mixes of 'Prisoner Of Routine' on the Sound On Sound web site; click the links below to download the MP3 files.

Audio icon originalmix-0607.mp3

This is the initial mix, as sent to us by JP Fitting and described in the main article and the 'Rescued This Month' box.

Audio icon finalmix-0607.mp3

This is the final mix by Luke Fletcher.

Audio icon sixtiesmix-0607.mp3

Given the material that inspired the feel of this track, Luke also experimented with another mix to achieve a '60s-style sound, limiting himself to the sort of technology used in studios of the '60s. This is the result. Notice the much softer drums and quieter electric guitars.