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Optimising Electric Guitars For The Studio | Media

Audio & Video Files By Jack Ruston
Published April 2014

These sound files accompany the Optimising Electric Guitars For The Studio article which appeared in SOS April 2014. The files can be download as 24‑bit 44.1kHz WAV files.


1. Audio Examples

Example A.

Old strings on a Fender Telecaster recorded with a DI

Example B.

New strings on the same guitar a few minutes later.

Example C.

Typical guitar tuning discrepancies. Tuning for a G chord and comparing to open A and E. Recorded via a DI box.

Example D.

Finding the null point to combat interference. Recorded with a DI box.

Example E.  

Wolf tones: strange, dissonant overtones, that are usually caused by pickups being too high.

Example F.

The file from which the pitch envelope illustration is taken in the main article. Listen carefully and you can hear that the note of the picked string is sharper at the initial pluck, settling on to a lower pitch. (Which to tune to depends on the song and plyaing style!)

2. Videos

In these two videos, luthier Matt Gleeson of Monty's guitars describes how to remove and replace strings properly, and how to check and correct intonation — to a degree of detail you've probably not considered before!

Video A: Intonation.

Video B: Restringing.