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Reason's Radical Piano

Propellerhead Reason Tips & Techniques
Published May 2018
By Simon Sherbourne

1. Radical Piano’s panel is dominated by the mic/piano source blender.1. Radical Piano’s panel is dominated by the mic/piano source blender.

We get to grips with Reason’s aptly named Radical Piano.

The two new flagship synths that arrived with Reason 10 have understandably hogged the limelight, not least in these pages, but they weren’t the only new instruments. Joining them in the Rack were Radical Piano, and a trio of new sample-based devices: Klang Tuned Percussion, Pangea World Instruments and Humana Vocal Ensemble. This month we’ll look at the first of these, which as the name suggests, is not just another piano sampler.

Rad Keys

I hadn’t paid Radical Piano a lot of attention in the five years since it was originally released as an independent Rack Extension. Reason has a couple of pretty nice pianos in its default libraries and the ID8 piano is perfectly serviceable. However, it...

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Published May 2018